The Importance Of Yellow Roses

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Published: 21st September 2011
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Flowers has its own meaning particularly yellow roses, these flowers have been a subject of controversy particularly when sending it to your loved ones and to your friends. A movie called "The Age of Innocence" where the leading man in the movie was walking towards the flower store and was looking for a perfect flower for his loved one while the storyteller narrates how flowers their types and colors have connotation. In that movie, set in the Victorian Era American side, yellow roses meant jealousy.

People change and out technology altered and so is the symbol of flowers. Now, yellow roses in the western world symbolize friendship, liberty and joy. Yellow flowers now used by bride-to-be for their wedding showers where the flowers symbolizes taking fresh adventure. But travel on to the Islamic culture and the meaning changes to the opposite.

The Islamic culture symbolized this particular rose as in accordance to its damaging effect from being unfaithful, and dishonest. While the Mexican decent viewed this beautiful rose as a sign of fatality. In France, they symbolized the flower as treachery, and being adulterous just like with the culture of Islam.

For men who wish to send flowers to their lovers, think along the terms of how the bouquet sent may or may not symbolize. To make your bouquet of flowers to be remembered, it is wise to know which culture your loved ones grew in to keep away from lack of respect and trouble. It will be hard for a Western decent to give a yellow rose to a Mexican or else an Islam due to conflicting views and symbols.

Another method in showing your feelings in a non verbal means is through giving a bouquet of flowers. It will be wise to ask first before you give them a bouquet of yellow rose and bear this in mind that culture plays a big role in reading the symbols and its meaning. Here are other flowers with diverse meanings and symbols to contemplate upon:

"If red and yellow roses are put together in a bouquet, it would mean happiness and joy particularly for the celebration of a birth of a baby.

"Another connotation when red colored roses are placed together in one bouquet is love and aspiration which is highly suggested for lovers and for a romantic evening together.

Now, for the men, sending a lover a particular rose or handing over a single rose may seem romantic in movies. Be aware that in giving a single long stemmed yellow rose would mean friendship and a decrease in the feeling of love in some customs and traditions.

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